Our Story

A Long Rich History

We love what we do and it shows!  So get started today with one of America's all-time great seafood companies.

What's our recipe for success?  Well, part of it is having a history that dates back to the 1800s.  Back then, the Shaw family could be found on the waterways of Southern New Jersey working as watermen, fishermen and boat builders. 


As the 19th Century turned to the 20th, Shaws were still busy working those same waters.  One of those men was H.W. Shaw, proud captain of a 118 foot skipjack oyster dredger named The Oysterman.  While H.W. Shaw certainly must have loved his work, he believed there was a great opportunity for his family in Florida.  So H.W. Shaw and Flossie Russell Shaw made the pioneering decision to journey to the Sunshine State. 


That's when the story of our company truly begins.


In 1934, Captain H. W. Shaw and Flossie Russell Shaw opened the very first crab plant in Apalachicola, Florida. Shortly thereafter, the plant relocated to Jacksonville.  That same year, John R. Shaw Sr. and Pheenix Shaw opened Florida's second crab plant.  That small, independent crabmeat company was located in the very spot we are today. 


In the decades that followed, Shaw's Southern Belle has dramatically expanded and diversified.  We're now a state-of-the-art processing facility with global capabilities.  Yet our commitment to quality, consistency and innovation hasn't changed a bit.

Committed to Quality

There's good, there's great, and then there's Shaw's Southern Belle.  We deliver higher quality not because we have to but because it's our passion.  Providing quality seafood is practically in our DNA.  It has been dating back to the 19th Century. We specify premium brand ingredients.  We maintain our own test kitchen and laboratory for product development, quality assurance and ingredient specification.  Inspections and product presentations for our customers are all conducted by qualified personnel.  Our Microbiologist conducts analysis on incoming raw materials and finished products for the production environment on a daily basis. 

Moving into the Future

Having products you can rely on is another tradition we proudly carry from the past to today.  Those products stay consistent year after year, decade after decade, which keeps customers going back for as long as we've been in business.  At Shaw's we like to say, we're not just consistent, we're consistently amazing.

AND, we're always fishing for new ideas.  No matter what your need, chances are we have the perfect solution.  Contrary to common belief, innovation isn't just about technology.  It's actually more about a commitment.  It's a promise to deliver for customers in new and exciting ways year in and year out.